5 Signs Your Boss Wants You To Quit

your boss wants you to quit

No one wants to get fired from a job. No one wants to be downsized-out or to have his or her position disappear. However, a lot of times, these things don’t happen before one moves to a new job. Instead, the employee just gets many hints that he or she is no longer welcome. That gives a chance for him or her to resign, which saves face but also helps the company by avoiding unemployment payments.
Anyway, however you may react to signals that your boss wants you to quit, here are some of the most common:

1. Less Important Assignments

If you are finding that the level of seriousness in your work load is diminishing, you may be looking at a serious sign. If you’re getting projects that don’t affect the company’s bottom line very closely or aren’t seen by the boss’s boss, that can signal dissatisfaction in the quality of your work.

2. Your Work Has Company

Say you’ve been contributing to your company in a particular niche, maybe answering customer complaints or scouting new clients. If another person is now added to help you out, that can show you the boss wants you to look for a new job. You’ve been made less crucial, your work replaceable.

3. General Shakeup

Sometimes a new CEO or manager comes in and brings new ideas, strategies, or goals. This may mean that many employees are in the crosshairs. It can also mean personality conflicts. You may be one of several people who are pressured to leave your job.

4. Standoffish Boss

Sometimes bosses may openly antagonize employees when trying to get them to quit. However, it’s more common for them to be standoffish and to try to avoid the employee in question. Doing this can be intended as a hint. The boss may often be frustrated with your performance, and s/he is standoffish because s/he doesn’t want to say something inflammatory that might get him in trouble. Also, his desire to push you out the door might make him/her uncomfortable, and this may be the cause of the awkwardness.

5. Micromanagement

It’s pretty widely known that micromanagement is unpopular among employees in just about any industry. It can destroy an employee’s morale. Sometimes, bosses get the idea that micromanaging employees will prove frustrating enough to push them out the door. Micromanagement can mean different things, but if it’s happening to you, you should at least look for some of these other signs your boss wants you to quit.