How I Got Rid of My Acne

get rid of my acne

You know how they say the easiest way to make your kitchen look pristine or your bedroom look tidy is to do the dishes and make the bed? Well, the easiest way to make your face look kissable is to do away with acne.

Now, I know what you’re thinking: it’s not that “easy” to do away with acne. Doing the dishes and making the bed takes, maybe, ten minutes… but getting rid of acne is a nightmare. I’m here to tell you: No, it’s not. It’s actually incredibly simple. There are two keys to getting rid of your acne. First, fuel your body with the right supplements and nutrition, and second, stop putting stuff on your face that contributes to acne.

What You Put On Your Face Matters

Acne doesn’t just happen. Acne results from clogged pores that become inflamed. Yes, that clogging can happen from natural oils and dead skin cells, but if you’re putting additional stuff on your face (and not washing it off) you’re making the problem worse. So girls, let’s think about this—what are we putting on our faces? A ton of stuff, right? And it’s supposed to make us look better, not worse. Unfortunately, so many of the things we think are going to make us look better end up having the opposite effect, because of acne.
And guess what?

The biggest problem is probably something you use on the daily: Foundation. But not every foundation is equal. There are a number of different (Foundation options) ( that are better for acne prone skin than others. So, if you find yourself fighting red bumps, maybe it’s time to swap your foundation to something like Giorgio Armani’s foundation for acne prone skin, “Giorgio Armani Power Fabric Foundation.”

If you prefer powder foundations, as many of us do, Bare Minerals Matte Foundation is another option. This light, airy, natural foundation sweeps over your skin as silkily as any liquid or cream, but without the feeling of heavy coverage, you don’t like.
Granted, the above two options are pricier than what you might already be using if you’re frugal—but having acne-free skin doesn’t mean spending a pretty penny. Both Maybelline (Fit Me Matte) and Neutrogena (Skinclearing Liquid Makeup) have options that are under ten dollars, delivering a great foundation for acne prone skin on a budget.

What You Put In Your Body Matters

Cosmo’s beauty experts go beyond skin deep to find out exactly what vitamins supplement for acne prone skin can help you overcome blemishes. Their top picks include omega oils, Co-Q10, and marine proteins. Omega oils are good for much more than your skin—they also help your joints and boost brain function. But they’ll also stave off acne, by increasing suppleness and healthy self-moisturizing. Co-Q10 helps your skin heal, which means that when you do get an outbreak, it’ll repair itself more quickly. And marine proteins might just be your best bet against acne—they’re loaded with zinc, which skin care scientists know is one of the best defences against blotches, ever!


Don’t believe that acne is beyond your control—it’s not. While a random pimple might surprise anyone, unexpectedly, there are many tools you can use to reduce breakouts. In addition to watching what you apply to your skin in the form of foundation for acne, you can also make sure that any moisturizers (including sunscreen!) that you use are non- comedogenic (they don’t clog pores).

And don’t forget the power of proper hydration! Staying hydrated keeps your skin happy, and happy skin is less likely to breakout. If you’re having problems downing plain water, consider adding a few sprigs of mint, a lemon slice, or even a few slices of cucumber to your water bottle overnight for a refreshing kick.
Proper cleansing will also help, but don’t overdo it. Wash your face twice a day, in the morning and evening—though it’s fine to throw in an extra wash after sweaty or dirty work, of course.

Finally, make sure that you protect your face from other irritations. It may sound a bit silly, but changing your pillowcase nightly keeps your face free from dead skin cells and additional oil, and it might even lead to a better night’s sleep!
Acne isn’t a curse, it’s a challenge, and it’s one that you’re capable of overcoming with the right tools and knowledge.

So, get ready to look in the mirror and admire your new, fresh, beautiful face, because it’s right around the corner!